Are you looking for reliable blue-collar staff?

Are you looking for reliable blue-collar staff, on a temporary or permanent basis, with experience in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, energy or trades and services? We deliver stability and consistency for your business so you can focus where you need, rather than on finding skilled blue-collar staff.

Skilled Blue-Collar Search

How It Works?


Firstly; we take the time to understand your particular needs clearly to find the right person who matches not just the requirements for talent and experience, but also your company vision and values.

The Search

Our recruitment specialist uses both online platforms and offline networks in to create a shortlist of the best candidates.

Job Interview

We will support and guide you throughout the interview stage to select the best candidates from salary to contract benchmarks.

Shortlisting Candidates

As a result of the research, we will identify and shortlist candidates according to your business needs with an interview report including our consultant notes.

Reference Check

We will contact the candidate’s former workplace to get more information on the candidate's performance and skills, and to ensure the candidate has the qualifications needed for the role.

Hiring & Follow Up

After our strategic partnership has yielded the perfect candidate, we will still be there to provide advice on forming the perfect contract and helping your new employee(s) to seamlessly integrate into your global structure.

Advantages of Skilled Blue-Collar Search Services


With nearly two decades of experience, we offer talent services to find the right people for your workforce.

Dynamic Turkish Labour Market

Turkey with a population of 85 million people, mostly young, is a dynamic source of qualified candidates. Turkey is a bridge between the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. We could find the qualified candidates from Turkey for your open global vacancies. Could be executive, white-collar or blue-collar positions.


Using a mixture of professional online platforms and our offline networks and resources, we find the best talents quickly.


Our recruitment speacilist handles the most complex and laborious parts of the hiring process in a cost effective way.

Private Employment Agency License