Are you planning to enter the Turkish market?

You could avoid incorporating an entity in Turkey while we could take care of all of your payroll needs through one point of contact and a single monthly payment. Our service involves payment processing, arranging payslips, tax management, social security contributions etc...

Payroll Outsourcing

Enter the Turkish market without incorporating a local entity

From recruitment to payroll management and to company formation; we offer the expertise to help you find your footing in Turkish market entry. Our mission is allowing you to expand your operations in Turkey by posting or hiring employees without the need for a local legal entity.

We hire employees on your behalf by becoming the legal employer of record for your workers, who you could continue to manage on a daily basis. You’re able to set up operations in Turkish market in an easier, faster and cost effective way.

How It Works?

We take care of all of your payroll needs through one point of contact and a single monthly payment. You provide us with the details of your employees, and we do the following:
  • Payment calculation and processing
  • Arranging payslips
  • Tax calculation and management
  • Withholding social security contributions

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing Services

Faster Market Entry

You could enter the Turkish market within a week rather than waiting for months.


Instead of expanded overheads and possible penalties due to a lack of familiarity with local regulations, our professional services provider streamlines all payroll functions into one cost-effective monthly fee per employee.

Focus on Your Core Business

You could focus on your core business and prioritize growing your business while we deal with the payroll, recruitment, HR and legal issues.

Compliance Assurance

Our professional services provider puts legal expertise to your use by providing local knowledge and resources. So, there are no surprises if local regulations change.

Private Employment Agency License